Pro-av goes ICT

#About us

The integration of audio and video technology into your existing ICT infrastructure: it is an important evolution. These days, almost all audiovisual equipment has a network connection. The result? A wireless integration that offers your organisation extra facilities for control and management.

Specialist through and through

VCS is a specialist in the integration of audiovisual solutions into your IT systems and networks. LAN, VLAN, PoE, virtualisation, VPN, firewalls ... We know the field like the back of our hand. That opens up numerous fascinating opportunities.

Global Asset Management

Your Facility department has central monitoring and control of all the audio and video technology in your organisation. Integration into your existing ICT network, combined with a web interface eliminates all limitations

Remote helpdesk and Support

Your Support department receives problem reports via e-mail and can intervene and grant assistance from a central location. The result: The number of physical interventions and associated costs are considerably reduced.

Centralised scheduling

From now on, your personnel or customers can book a conference room themselves. The person responsible has a clear oversight and total control of bookings, cancellations and changes, at all times.

Digital Signage

You advertise or inform dynamically via flat screens and video walls. Locally or throughout your entire shop network. This gives your message extra impact.

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