Our modern world simply wouldn’t exist without interactivity and innovation. AXA, the world’s biggest bank and insurer, realises this too. So it’s no coincidence that VCS has been appointed as partner for collaborating on and rolling out innovative working methods and smart meeting concepts. In the summer of 2017, the group relocated to new headquarters in the capital city Brussels, with offices covering a surface area of 40,000m². With almost 20 years of experience, we know all about linking functionality to technology. Armed with guidance and advice from A to Z.


VCS recently gained an exclusive deal with 4 x 4 video wall at the entrance and 2 x 98inch 4K LED screens in the boardroom. The video wall consists of 16 x 46inch screens. These are linked to a matrix switcher 8/16. The total surface area of this video wall is almost 10m².

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EDID information: jammer or harmony?

It can be quite annoying when, as you are getting ready for a meeting, you connect the projector to your PC or laptop and end up... with no image or else a completely distorted one. EDID, a signal that your projector or flat-screen TV sends to your PC or Mac, is to blame. But how do you prevent your audio-visual tools from turning into jammers? VCS has two valuable tips for you.

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An organised way of meeting

17 meeting rooms on one corridor and never any problems with bookings, overrun meetings or visitors who can’t find their way? An ingenious system consisting of touch panels and a LED summary screen in the corridor means all this is now possible.

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Your idea now in 3D

VCS pulls out all the stops with a scoop: as number one specialist in our sector we recently drew up a project entirely in 3D. 3D gives the customer clear insight into the technical installation and any potential obstacles.

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