EDID information: jammer or harmony?


It can be quite annoying when, as you are getting ready for a meeting, you connect the projector to your PC or laptop and end up... with no image or else a completely distorted one. EDID, a signal that your projector or flat-screen TV sends to your PC or Mac, is to blame. But how do you prevent your audio-visual tools from turning into jammers? VCS has two valuable tips for you.

Tip 1 | the right equipment
In most cases, wrong EDID information can be attributed to obsolete or non-professional equipment. Inferior cabling or monitors can lead to bad resolution. Replace them with professional audio-visual parts and the risk of distorted imaging drops significantly. With the right choice of cables, monitors and projectors VCS is able to minimise problems with a new installation.

Tip 2 | play it safe: analogue AND digital
Would you still prefer to continue using your current cabling and projectors? Then don’t start fiddling with the settings when the resolution is wrong. The problem might also be to do with your PC or Mac. By simulating the EDID information VCS can determine the source of the problem. A small device enables us to optimise the signal, both for your analogue (VGA) and digital signals (HDMI).

Do you want to be sure that EDID isn’t a jammer for you? Then feel free to get in touch. We will give you perfect audio-visual harmony!