VCS recently gained an exclusive deal with 4 x 4 video wall at the entrance and 2 x 98inch 4K LED screens in the boardroom. The video wall consists of 16 x 46inch screens. These are linked to a matrix switcher 8/16. The total surface area of this video wall is almost 10m².

The ultra-thin screens, used for this wall, have an impressive high resolution and barely visible edges. Thanks to the highly professional brackets from Chief, we perfectly succeeded to fine tune this video wall. It is the first time Chief has sold these brackets in Belgium.

This video wall is the perfect tool for our client to communicate his message. It is intended for internal use (staff) or external use, a video wall is therefore the preferred choice. The power of communication is enormous because each screen may contain a separate content. Different configurations are possible. 

It is also possible to display a video on part of the video wall, to let the photos appear on a different section and to display camera images and/or other information over the remaining displays in the video wall.

Besides the 4 x 4 video wall at the entrance, we also placed 2 x 98inch 4K LED screens in the boardroom. 

This spacious boardroom accommodates up to 30 persons and has as many microphones built into the table. This room is perfect for audio & video conferencing and giving presentations. This is certainly one of the most prestigious boardrooms in Belgium!