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Modular rooms


Modular room with a capacity of more than a hundred people. The room can be converted into five separate rooms or any other combination of these rooms.


To implement audiovisual solutions so that they always work perfectly no matter how the space is laid out.


Flexibility – The audiovisual system was organised in such a way that it responds to the position of the walls. The user therefore has no problems in activating sound and image. As soon as rooms are combined or split up, an automatic, fully audiovisual system follows. In combined rooms, the user himself chooses whether the same content is shown on all the flat screens or whether each displays a different source.

Image – The first room has a ceiling lift with projector. The other four rooms have 57" LCD screens with an adjustable height foot. Video conferencing is possible in two of the rooms. The camera is placed on a shelf just under the LCD screen.

Sound – Each room has ceiling loudspeakers and small wireless microphones that can be used in the five rooms as tie pin or table microphones. There are two goose neck microphones on the lectern in the projection room.

Operation – Each room has PC connections and a fixed touch panel for controlling the lighting, sun blinds and curtains. The projection room has a 22” touch screen. The size of the panel enables an attractive graphic design. It is possible to preview images on the touch panel before they appear on the screens. The entire system can be operated remotely.