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Meeting rooms equipped with projection, interactive whiteboards and the next generation of LED screens


Some 35 meeting rooms equipped with projection, interactive whiteboards and the next generation of 55" LED screens.


Recognition for the users of choice of products, little maintenance and easy to use.


All meeting rooms with a capacity of seating up to 12 people feature 55" LED screens. These screens are ultrathin and support very high resolutions. No maintenance is required and they are also easy to use. Both VGA and HDMI signals are available. Meeting rooms with a capacity of seating more than 12 people are equipped with an electrical projection screen with a beamer ceiling mount. Here too, there is a VGA and a HDMI source. Everything is operated using a control panel in the wall making sure no remote controls are lingering about in the rooms. If there are no presentations in the meeting rooms, the projectors switch off automatically so that the lamp will not stay lit unnecessarily. The boardroom is equipped with a full HD beamer and 4 LED screens in the wall that are used as reminder screen. It is also possible to work only with the LED screens in order to preserve the very beautiful view. The table in the boardroom is fitted with a number of VGA and HDMI connections. The speakers are integrated into the ceiling. The technical rack is hidden inside a cupboard. Everything here is controlled using an iPad which remains on the table. This iPad is equipped with an interface facilitating the full audio-visual control from the iPad, including the various dimmable halos.

The training rooms feature an interactive SMART board fitted with an ultra-short projector, so that as a teacher you can never walk in your own shadow. Thanks to the decent support and training pertaining to the SMART board software the trainings have become a huge success.

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