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Rooms with aesthetic interactivity


Some 20 rooms equipped with projection or flat screen TVs or interactive solutions.


Aesthetic integration into our audio-visual equipment, ease of use in view of the different kinds of users.


a number of meeting rooms equipped with large flat screen TVs (55" and 65" LCD screens). In order to prevent the remote controls from disappearing, a control panel was installed in the wall to control everything: source selection, volume control, etc. These rooms also feature an interactive tablet on the table. When this tablet is being used to take notes, the latter is shown on the flat screen TV. In the videoconferencing suite a centralised control of the whole is available. A touch panel was fitted here on the table for managing the video conference, audio of the microphones fitted on the table, lighting and stores. Gooseneck microphones were installed on the table in order to achieve optimum audio quality.
Due to the size of the boardroom it was decided to use a projector and to project on the wall which was treated with special paint in order to still obtain a very good quality. The projector is tucked away in an elevator. The table is fitted with 4 x VGA and 4x HDMI connections. The source selection, audio control, etc. are operated by means of a touch panel. Here, we also installed a motion detector so that our installation is automatically deactivated when there is no more activity in the room. The lights and stores are also controlled by the touch panel. This touch panel has a very user-friendly user interface. For informal meetings there are "bubbles" with a flat screen TV. This flat screen TV has a VGA and a HDMI connection and switches off as soon as the cable is disconnected from the PC.

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