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Rooms all equipped with flat screen TVs


Some 10 rooms all equipped with flat screen TVs. The customer did not want to work with projectors.


The size of the rooms, the smooth integration of our flat screens TVs.


The boardroom is equipped with an 85" flat screen TV with the necessary VGA and HDMI connections. The size of the room forced us to work with an 85" because otherwise the visibility at the back of the room was insufficient. The ceiling is fitted with in-ceiling speakers in order to make an audio source audible. The source selection, the audio section and the dimmable lighting are all entirely operated from an iPad. Our user interface is downloaded on this iPad through an application and everything can be controlled via the iPad. The switches, controllers, dimmers, etc. are mounted in a rack outside the room.
Every meeting room is equipped with a reservation panel. The frame colour indicates whether the room is available or not: red, the room is occupied, green, the room is available. The room can also be booked by the reservation panel itself. As such, the meeting room will easily show you whether it is available or not and from what time to what time. The informal meeting corners are equipped with flat screen TVs with built-in PCs. Here, people can visualise their presentation using either a USB stick or the client’s network to have the presentation sent to the flat screen TV.

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